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8th Annual Cemetery Sweep-our Day (May 6, 2023)

A heartfelt thank you to all who took part, giving of themselves and their time in service to our community -- and those memorialized here at the CRC!

Photo Gallery

Misc. CRC photos Misc. CRC photos 110415972 110415973 110415974 110415975 110415976 110415977 110415978 110415979 110416076 110416077 110416078 110416079 Ira Edward Dexter gravestone This is a US Government supplied marble gravestone that memorializes Ira Edward Dexter, d. 1867, a diabled veteran of a Michigan Regiment at the time of the Civil War. 113968900 Ira Edward Dexter, ca 1866 Ira Edward Dexter, b. Marcellus NY, served in Union Arm with a Michigan Regiment. He was injured, mustered out and came to Cortland NY where his brother owned the Dexter House hotel. He married, fathered two children. Following a leg amputation, he died in March 1667 and was buried at Cortland Rural Cemetery. 113968901 Memorial marker & cause of death Ira Edward Dexter d. Mar 1867 as a result of a severe leg wound. The circumstances surrounding the veteran's death were recalled in a local newspaper article. 113968902