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8th Annual Cemetery Sweep-our Day (May 6, 2023)

A heartfelt thank you to all who took part, giving of themselves and their time in service to our community -- and those memorialized here at the CRC!

Photo Gallery

Historic Photos Historic Photos Cortland Rural Cemetery Chapel -- 1937 190644101 Stereo view within Cortland Rural Cemetery (circa 1870s) Courtesy of ex-CRC Trustee and local cemetery history buff/expert, Chris Buck -- here is a stereo view photo of a statue (long gone) in the CRC which memorialized Jamie Carmichael, ?an only child.? Chris' best guess is that the photos were taken in the 1870s. You can learn more about Major James Carmichael (civil war veteran and Jamie's father) in the Autumn 2011 CRC newsletter written by local historian and current Foundation Board member, Mary Ann Kane here: 190644102 Cortland Rural Cemetery -- public vault This photo shows the public vault of the Cortland Rural Cemetery (circa 1900) before the Chapel was added in front of it. 190644104 Aerial image 1988 190644105 Postcard of Chapel Vintage postcard of the Cortland Rural Cemetery in a file of old photographs (more to come in the future as we scan them!) This card was published by the Wm Jubb Company of Syracuse, who published such cards from 1908 into the 1930s. Since this card features our Chapel, designed and constructed by George W. Conable in 1922, we assume this dates back to the late 20s-early 30s). 190644106 Early superintendent's house Have you seen this great photo of our original superintendent's house and wrought iron gates? Some interesting notes from past board minutes shed some light on what's shown in the photo: 1888, the fence was purchased from the Champion Iron Fence Co in Kenton, OH; the superintendent's house shown here (replaced by our current house/office complex) was moved to 11 Sands Street approx 1932; the iron fence was then sold in 1943 as contribution to WWII effort (presumably to be used for ammunition, war-craft, or some other necessity for our troops overseas). 190644108 Original superintendent's house -- now located at 11 Sands Street Another neat historic image from our friend and previous board member, Christine Buck. Here's the description of it, direct from Chris: "This is the original CRC superintendent?s home. In 1932, it was moved down the back lane to 11 Sands Street, where it sits today. I noticed it sitting in the background of one of your Facebook photos of the sidewalk repairs and thought, How appropriate! By comparing this photo with that of the Main Entrance in the 1911 CRC booklet, you?ll see that this side faced the cemetery driveway, not Tompkins Street. This view, then, is looking west. By this time (date unknown), the shutters are gone, as is some of the porch detail." Thanks as always for sharing, Chris! 194006525 Horse-powered mower (circa 1920) Courtesy of Donna and David Marks. This pic shows a CRC mowing unit pulled by horse; the man shown in that photo is Fred Peck, who is David Marks' father. 203935947 Horse-powered burial crew (circa 1920) This pic, also courtesy of Donna and David Marks, shows CRC grounds crew members about to mount the hill for a burial. 203935948